An emergency vehicle company for people in the field by people in the field. With years of experience, our company ensures the safety of your team and the people you protect.

P&D Emergency Services

  • Sales, Installation and Service of Emergency Vehicle Equipment including Lights, Sirens, Computer, and Prison Systems.
  • Sales, Installation and Service of Two-Way Portable/Mobile Radios, In-Car Video and GPS Tracking Systems.
  • Sales and Service of paging systems
  • Specializing in Stealth and Undercover Packages for any application

Keeping Your Personnel Safe

Our staff is well trained with more than 30 years experience in the electrical, automotive, communication and emergency services fields. We can handle anything you throw at us, from simple repairs to the overhaul of a full size fire apparatus. This combined skill level allows us the best turnaround time in the industry which means less time that your fleet is out of service.